• The suspect hails from Bridgeport, Connecticut
  • Police body camera footage shows him throwing liquid in an officer's face
  • He could face a federal "weapon of mass destruction" charge

A man was arrested in Brooklyn Saturday after hurling a potentially dangerous chemical and Molotov cocktail at officers during a traffic stop, The New York Police Department (NYPD) said.

The incident occurred at 45th Street in East Flatbush just before 8 a.m. E.T. The suspect, identified by the NYPD as Lionel Virgile, 44, of Bridgeport, Connecticut, has been accused of trying to evade police twice and throwing potentially harmful substances at several officers, NBC New York reported.

Citing the NYPD, the local outlet reported that an officer approached Virgile after he blew through a red light. It was then that he threw a chemical, possibly bleach or peroxide, in the officer's face before speeding off. When other officers stopped him again, he allegedly threw a lit Molotov cocktail at them. The explosive reportedly bounced off the windshield and shattered in the street.

Virgile then drove off from the spot and ended up colliding with an unoccupied SUV parked on Snyder Avenue while officers pursued him. He was taken into custody after officers caught up to him. When cops searched the vehicle, they found several more homemade cocktails, which authorities believed were prepared to target the law enforcement.

One officer reportedly sustained minor injuries during the incident and was taken to a hospital.

The police released body camera footage of the encounter, which shows two officers approaching Virgile’s vehicle in an attempt to talk to him through the window at the driver’s side door. Virgile can be seen in the video opening the door and throwing a liquid in an officer’s face abruptly before fleeing the scene.

Virgile was charged with possession of a destructive weapon, ABC 7 reported.

The NYPD is investigating the case along with the U.S. attorney and the FBI. Virgile is likely to face a federal "weapon of mass destruction" charge with a maximum of 20-year penalty if convicted. He is also likely not to stand a chance to be granted bail as federal judges can consider him a danger to the community, NBC New York reported, citing law enforcement sources.

Virgile allegedly waited to run the red light until the police car pulled up, which implies he wanted to lure police into confronting him.

It is not yet known if the attack was planned.

Molotov cocktails
Molotov cocktails, often used in street protests and demonstrations, were used against the Russian anti-virus company Dr. Web. Wikicommons