A 52-year-old man allegedly stabbed his girlfriend multiple times before driving her body to a Connecticut police station to confess to the crime.

The man also sent a photo of the victim to the man she was accused of having an affair with after the fatal stabbing.

Pedro Grajalez, from Hartford, was charged with murder for the death of his girlfriend, 57-year-old Nilda Rivera, who was eventually pronounced dead at a hospital.

Grajalez told investigators that he had been plotting to kill Rivera, of New Britain, for several days because of an alleged affair she had been having with another man.

Officials noted in the arrest warrant that Grajalez and Rivera had been dating since July 2022, according to NBC Connecticut.

While confessing to the crime, Grajalez reportedly said he recently found out about Rivera having an affair, adding that her "new boyfriend" made threats involving his mother. Grajalez also claimed Rivera provided his mother's address to the man.

"Grajalez stated that he has been planning on murdering Jane Doe for several days," police said, as per WFSB.

The arrested man also told officers that he drove Rivera to a Mcdonald's on Sunday and had a meal with her before the killing. He then said he had a knife in his pants pocket at the time.

Following their meal, Grajalez drove to the secluded parking lot of a business on Murphy Road in Hartford and stabbed Rivera about 25 times across her body.

The victim "sustained upwards of 25 puncture wounds to her chest, head, face and arms," the outlet noted.

Grajalez allegedly sent a photo of the stabbed woman to her "new boyfriend," the arrest warrant reportedly indicated.

Grajalez further admitted that he "waited for her to die before driving to the Hartford Police Department to report the incident."

The accused man then drove to the police station at around 3:22 p.m. Sunday with Rivera's body in his car. He went up to officers at the front desk and admitted to stabbing his girlfriend, who was found by officers covered in blood in the front seat of his car.

"The vehicle was the crime scene. The vehicle was driven here by the suspect," Lt. Aaron Boisvert with the Hartford Police Department said, according to the outlet.

Officers also found a knife in the center console of the vehicle.

Rivera was provided medical attention at the scene until EMS arrived. She was then transported to a hospital, where she was eventually pronounced dead.

Grajalez was charged with murder, and his bond was initially set at $1.5 million. The bond was raised to $3 million after the accused man appeared before a judge Monday. He is scheduled to appear in court again on May 15.

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