A woman held captive in her boyfriend's bus-turned-home escaped and showed up at a New York police precinct. Cops later searched his mobile home and found an active pipe bomb inside the RV.

The accused boyfriend, identified as Alexander Isaac, 30, was arrested and charged with criminal sex act, rape, kidnapping, assault, unlawful imprisonment and criminal possession of a weapon.

The woman told cops that she was being held captive in Isaac's RV, which was parked in a plot he owns in Brighton Heights in Staten Island, according to the New York Post.

Neighbors said Isaac had an on-and-off relationship with the woman, who would often seek shelter at a hotel next door due to her boyfriend's alleged abuse.

The victim told cops that Isaac shackled her legs, handcuffed her arms behind her bag and wrapped a T-shirt around her mouth. The boyfriend then allegedly raped her, physically assaulted her and used a belt to whip her thighs.

The criminal complaint stated that Isaac then left the woman locked up in the bus for about nine hours.

The woman escaped from the bus around 9:50 p.m. and began making her way to the NYPD stationhouse that was about four blocks away from Isaac's mobile home. However, Isaac caught up with her and forced her back into the bus after saying: "You made it worse for yourself."

Isaac cuffed the woman to a bedpost, but she still managed to flee once again and showed up at the police precinct with shackles and handcuffs on her arms and legs.

Cops heard the woman's account and arrived at the bus-turned-home, where Isaac reportedly lived with his two kids, aged 5 and 7.

Officials arrested the accused boyfriend Tuesday and returned to the RV Wednesday with a search warrant. Upon sieving through Isaac's possessions, cops found an active pipe bomb and multiple chemicals inside the bus.

A 3D printer was also found along with a printed part for a Glock pistol, suggesting that an attempt to make a ghost gun was made. All of the chemicals were analyzed by the city Department of Environmental Protection and found to be available commercially. The department removed and disposed of the substances.

A staffer working next door at the Richmond Hotel said Isaac began living out of the RV with his kids about two years back.

"In the beginning, he was a normal guy. Laughing, joking," he told NY Daily News. "After, when we saw what he did with her, he changed. Because we know who he is. We know he beat women."

The employee and the hotel's manager said the girlfriend has come to the hotel for shelter after allegedly being abused. "One day we were working and the girlfriend, she came in here crazy," the worker said. "She says, he beat me up. He starved me."

"They've had their issues. I'm not surprised," said the hotel manager, who said he has allowed her to stay a couple of nights at the hotel.

"With all the police action that was going on, we were thinking one of them had killed the other," he added.

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Representation. The lights of a police car. tevenet/Pixabay