A New Jersey man, who sexually assaulted a teenage waitress at his own wedding reception and then manhandled people at the venue in November, was charged with simple assault Wednesday.

According to court documents, Matthew Aimers, 31, approached an underage waitress at his wedding reception at the Northampton Valley Country Club in Northampton Township, Pennsylvania and asked her “to go outside and make out." When she refused, he followed the teen into a bathroom, groped her and exposed himself. When the girl tried to pull away, he propositioned her with $100. She, however, managed to escape.

A few hours later, police were called after a fight broke out. People at the venue said Aimers pushed and punched people. He also manhandled an employee who had stopped him from bringing alcohol inside the venue, Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

Court documents said Aimers tried to board a shuttle bus parked near the venue and one of the officers had to follow him with his Taser drawn. Aimers then got into a struggle with the officers and called them derogatory names before he got off the bus and was taken into custody. He was released later on $350,000 bond.

The girl too reported the sexual assault to police and said the experience had left her shaken.

He was charged with simple assault, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest Wednesday and is set to appear in court for a sex assault hearing on Feb. 21.

Aimers “absolutely denies all charges. He maintains his innocence, and he looks forward to clearing his name when this is all concluded,” his attorney, Louis Busico, said Thursday.

A New Jersey man sexually assaulted a teenage waitress at his own wedding reception. In this image, an officer opens the handcuffs of Heather Mack of the US as she arrives in a cell after her hearing trial in Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia, Jan. 14, 2015. Agung Parameswara/Getty Images

In a similar incident, a man was found guilty and sentenced to two years and six months in prison for raping his 20-year-old daughter on his wedding night in Denmark. The man told a court that he had mistaken his daughter for his wife. He said the daughter got heavily drunk at the wedding reception and hence he and his friend decided to take her up the bridal suite, instead of the previously decided bed.

“The other guests who were also supposed to sleep there, should not take responsibility for my daughter when she was so drunk. So I chose to put her in my bed,” he said.

The man returned to the suite a few hours after and went to sleep. His wife too slept in the same bed and he slept between the two ladies. According to the court documents, he forced himself on the girl in the early hours of the following day despite her protests.