A man’s attempt to throw his wife from their ninth-floor apartment was foiled by their five-year-old daughter. The incident took place in Singapore in May and the accused was found guilty by the court Wednesday.

The court heard that the unidentified man from Singapore and his Vietnamese wife were having an argument over money matters in the kitchen during which the accused asked the woman “to go and die.” In a fit of rage, the man then lifted the woman in an attempt to throw her out of the window. The woman, however, fell to the floor. The accused then lifted her calves and tried to throw her out of the window for the second time.

“The victim’s lower body, from her hips to her legs, were dangling in the air when the accused was lifting her calves,” the prosecutor told the court, adding that the woman managed to prevent her husband from carrying her by holding on to the door of the washing machine.

In the meantime, their daughter immediately rushed outside the home to the common corridor to get help from the neighbors. She went around knocking on doors screaming “help, help mummy.” Upon hearing the girl’s screams, the man immediately let go of his wife.

Three neighbors rushed to the apartment and immediately alerted the police.

“Husband is trying to throw the wife down. There is a lot of commotion,” one of them told the police over the phone. As soon as the neighbors left the apartment, the man again attempted to throw her out of the window following which the daughter again sought help from the neighbors. The woman too managed to escape and ran out of the apartment. Police soon arrived at the scene and detained the accused.

“The accused was unhappy that the victim sent money back to Vietnam instead of saving money to purchase a house in Singapore. During the attempts to lift her, no part of her body was outside the window,” the prosecutor said.

The man was found guilty Wednesday and was expected to appear in court in January for sentencing. He could face up to three months imprisonment for the crime.

Representational image of a handcuffed man. SERGEI SUPINSKY/AFP/Getty Images