Are you one of those individuals who have hard time sleeping? If you are, you need to know something about the relationship between your glucose levels and sleeping pattern. A lot of people are experiencing insomnia. About 30-50% of the population is affected by it. Insomnia is often termed as the person's inability or difficulty to sleep. It can be a symptom of an underlying problem be it a medical or psychiatric disorder. You will know that one is experiencing a difficulty in sleeping when he can focus well, experiences frequent headaches and irritable.

There are various kinds of insomnia. The most common form would be the transient insomnia. It usually occurs for several days. There's also the short term insomnia that lasts for about three weeks. The most serious type would have to be the chronic insomnia. A person may experience at least three sleepless nights in a given week for a month.

You can prevent your sleep problems. The first thing you can do is to limit the amount of caffeine you take in. As much as possible, you try to avoid stimulants. Drink less coffee, tea and sodas. You might want to decrease your intake of chocolate too.

You also have to say no to alcohol. Consumption of alcohol can release the adrenaline in your body. In return, it disturbs the production of a brain chemical that initiates your sleep called serotonin.

Do not let nocturnal hypoglycemia happen. Nocturnal hypoglycemia means a low amount of blood glucose level at night. One of the causes of insomnia is a low sugar level in your body because it tells your brain that you need to eat. Here's the trick. You can have bedtime snacks. Make sure to choose healthy snacks like oats, cereals and whole grain breads.

There are treatments for insomnia. It's best that you consult your physician. He may prescribe you anti-histamines. Over the counter anti-histamines like diphenhydramine can put you to sleep. Most individuals take this for a short-term use. If you don't want to take any medication, there are homeopathic approaches. You can try to come up with a regular sleeping pattern. Make it a habit to exercise during the day. Lastly, have a conducive room for sleeping.