Amir O’Neil as Zack, Notlim Taylor as Marley
Marlon (Marlon Wayans) and Ashley (Essence Atkins) have very different ways of coping when they find out that Zack (Amir O’Neil) needs surgery in this week’s Season 1, episode 7 of “Marlon.” NBC/Tyler Golden

A member of the Wayne family needs to undergo a medical operation in the upcoming back-to-back episodes of “Marlon.”

According to the synopsis for Season 1, episode 7 of the NBC sitcom, the Wayne family finds out that Zack (Amir O’Neil) needs to go through surgery. While both Marlon (Marlon Wayans) and Ashley (Essence Atkins) only want the best for their youngest son, the friendly exes have very different ways of coping with the news.

Episode 7 is titled “Hospital Party,” so it’s likely that one of Zack’s parents throws him a bash at the hospital. While it’s unclear whose idea it is, Marlon’s childlike tendencies make him a good candidate.

It remains to be seen why Zack needs surgery, but given his love for basketball it’s possible that he has incurred injury while playing the sports.

Meanwhile, in Season 1, episode 8 Ashley tries to fix the lack of boundaries between her and Marlon. According to the synopsis for the installment, Ashley asks for Marlon’s key to her house back. But will Marlon agree?

As viewers seen in previous episodes, Marlon and Ashley have kept a very friendly relationship since their divorce. Marlon and Ashley co-parent Zach and his sister Marley (Notlim Taylor), but what’s most interesting about their relationship is that they still have a say in each other’s personal lives despite being divorced from one another.

For instance in Season 1, episode 6, Marlon did his best to stop Ashley from getting a breast augmentation. And in Season 1, episode 4, the two even contemplated whether to have no strings attached “ex sex.”

Episode 8 is titled “Coach Marlon,” as Marlon coaches Zack’s basketball team in the installment.

In related news, Wayans debuted on The Hollywood Reporter’s Top Comedians chart dated Sept. 6 at the second place following the increased attention around “Marlon.” According to the news outlet, Wayans recently thanked the viewers for making the show’s second episode the most-watched week-two summer comedy in a decade, drawing 889,000 Facebook post likes and 617,000 Instagram favorites.

“Marlon” Season 1, episodes 7 and 8 air back-to-back on Wednesday, Sept. 6, starting at 9 p.m. EDT on NBC.