Decision day is finally here. The three “Married at First Sight” Season 5 couples must reveal the fate of their marriages. Who wanted a divorce and who stayed together? Read the “MAFS” finale recap to find out:

Ashley and Anthony

Anthony and Ashley are still butting heads over Ashley’s sister Lauren in the “Married at First Sight” finale. Anthony says that he’d never let Ashley’s sister stay with them if she needed a place. He thinks it’s funny, but the hypothetical suggestion irritates Ashley. They still aren’t quite sure if they’re compatible or not.

Ashley goes to her mom for advice. She wants babies soon, but she worries about Anthony’s trepidation. She says that she knows “in her heart” what her final decision is, but she doesn’t know about Anthony’s decision. Meanwhile, Anthony calls his dad, and he expresses that he thinks Ashley can make decisions too quickly while he needs to think about things.

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Before decision day, Ashley gives Anthony a little shadow box with a collage of photos and their wedding day vows. Anthony sees it as a thoughtful gesture that indicates she is in this for the long haul.

Ashley worries about Anthony’s level of commitment, though. Ashley and Anthony still haven’t said that they love each other, and that causes her to stress about what will happen on decision day.

When they go to talk to experts Rachel DeAlto and Cal Roberson, Ashley says learning how to communicate is their biggest challenge, and Anthony says that Ashley isn’t always as open-minded as he would like. Another issue is brought up when they talk about a timeline for kids. Anthony just says getting married and having kids in just a year is “insane.”

The time comes to make a decision, and Ashley happily tells her husband that she wants to stay married. Anthony says he wants to spend the rest of his life with her too. He even dropped an “I love you” in front of everyone, which delighted his wife.

When Anthony and Ashley get home, Anthony says that he is looking forward to starting a family. Ashley couldn’t be happier.

MAFS anthony ashley
Ashley and Anthony decided the fate of their marriage in the “Married at First Sight” Season 5 finale. Lifetime

Danielle and Cody

Danielle tells Cody that she still isn’t sure about their future. They still aren’t too romantic, and Cody admits that they aren’t where they want to be at this point in the “Married at First Sight” process. “Divorce is an option,” Cody says. Danielle doesn’t seem shocked by the statement.

Danielle meets her friend Angela and says she has had fun. However, Danielle is annoyed and frustrated that Cody keeps bringing up their lack of a sex life. She always thought a partner should make you better, and she doesn’t quite feel that with Cody. She isn’t sure how much longer they can stay in a relationship without romance or passion.

Cody talks to a friend and shares the same feelings. It’s hard for him to know where they’re headed.

The couple exchanges gifts ahead of decision day to commemorate their time together. Danielle gives her husband a “yours, mine and ours” drink set. Cody gives Danielle a gift with a pendant that symbolizes the winding, complicated journey they’ve had. They both find the gifts thoughtful.

Cody and Danielle like each other. Cody felt a spark instantly, but Danielle still only feels friendly feelings for her husband. The gym owner isn’t sure how much longer they can last if Danielle continues to feel this way. Cody knows he’ll be disappointed if they get divorced, but he also thinks that if Danielle chooses divorce, that’s the right decision for her.

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The two go see sociologist Dr. Pepper Schwartz on decision day. Cody and Danielle have good memories from “Married at First Sight,” but they had some troubles too. Danielle says she definitely cares about Cody, but she still doesn’t feel much romance. She knows that they aren’t in a perfect place, but she wants to work on their marriage. Cody also wants to stay married. They’re going to keep putting effort into their relationship.

Danielle Cody
“Married at First Sight” Season 5 couple Danielle and Cody made a final decision about their marriage. Lifetime

Sheila and Nate

Sheila calls her friend Tamika to chat about decision day. She tells her about the recent fights she and Nate have had and how they often take low blows at each other. Sheila knows that fighting fair is their biggest struggle. She says that she can’t stay in a relationship if she feels disrespected. However, she believes that if they can overcome this, they’ll be able to overcome everything.

Meanwhile, Nate calls his father to talk about his marriage. He isn’t sure if too much damage has been done or if they can bounce back after their recent fights. He cooks Sheila a nice dinner to show his wife that he wants to make this work, and he goes all the way with menus and pretending to be a waiter. It makes Sheila feel lucky.

The dinner gets serious when they discuss their problems. Sheila says she needs Nate to be less defensive. When they fight, she feels like she isn’t being heard because he is busy justifying his actions. She knows that their communication skills aren’t the best when they’re arguing. Nate wants her to be more aware of what she says when she’s angry as well. Their fights are the reason that they aren’t quite sure what will happen on decision day.

They see Dr. Pepper and Cal to reveal their final choices. Sheila says, “I want to be your wife until the day I die.” Nate wants to stay married too and says he made that decision on their wedding day. Sheila tearfully thanks her husband for making her life better.

For the first time in “Married at First Sight” history, all three couples made the same choice at the end of the Lifetime reality show. However, fans will have to wait until next week’s reunion special to see if the couples are still together six months later.

Nate and Sheila
Nate and Sheila made the same decision in the “Married at First Sight” Season 5 finale. Lifetime