“Married At First Sight: The First Year” Season 1, episode 3 brought plenty of scares to each couple. Jason Carrion got back into wrestling, but his wife Cortney Hendrix didn’t think it was safe. He only had a few weeks left at the fire academy, and she worried about him losing his job. Jamie Otis still wanted a baby, but Doug Hehner was firmly against it for now. Once Doug’s mom mentioned how long it took her to get pregnant, Jamie wanted to speed up the process. They weren’t on the same page, so they called sociologist Dr. Pepper Schwartz in to help them.

Jamie and Doug

Doug told his brother the baby disagreement was the first fight he and Jamie have really had since the cigarette issue. At a family dinner, the issue came up again when Doug tried to tell Jamie his parents waited until they were a little older to have children. His mother revealed it took her five years to get pregnant, and she had a miscarriage the first time she was pregnant.

“Five years to get pregnant? I can’t even imagine that. I want to be very young and vibrant,” Jamie told the cameras.

It sounded like a horror story to Jamie, so she decided to buy some fertility tests. “I think it’s great to know, so we can make the preparation,” Doug said. “But I still think that we should kind of, like, wait for a little bit.”

Jamie asked what “a little bit” meant, but Doug didn’t want to put a date on it.

Later, Doug interrupted Jamie while she was typing in a journal. She said she just writes down childhood memories to work out her issues.When Doug came in, she was writing about an experience with her stepdad. He had threatened to kill the kids and even had a gun out. Jamie was only 6 or 7 at the time.

Jamie mentioned she felt a little lost without loving, supportive parents. While her mother struggled with drug addiction, Jamie doesn’t even know who her father is. Doug asked her if she wanted to know who he was.

“Of course I want to know,” Jamie said. “Wouldn’t you want to know who your dad is if you didn’t know?”

Doug admitted to the camera that it was moments like this when he didn’t feel like he knew what he was doing. He came from a wholesome background that prevented him from being able to relate.

Jamie’s in-laws continued to show her affection, something to which she was not accustomed. Jamie had to commute to New York and was sharing a car with Doug. The Hehners brought over one of their cars for her to use until she and Doug bought one. Jamie said the only car she ever had owned was stolen by one of her mother’s drug dealer boyfriends.

Then Jamie decided to call Dr. Pepper to talk about the baby disagreement. The “Married At First Sight” expert took Doug’s side. “I think waiting is a good idea because I think there is still some utility in having more time underneath you as a couple,” Dr. Pepper said.

She said Doug was wise to want to put off a baby. Jamie wasn't happy, but she accepted the sociologist's conclusion. They needed to wait.

Dr. Pepper asked if the couple had any other issues, and Doug brought up Jamie’s family. She was still holding onto a lot of resentment and anger, and Doug didn’t know what to do for her. Dr. Pepper didn’t have a quick fix for them. She told Jamie pain doesn’t go away, but she can manage it better and Doug should just listen to her.

“I’ll never understand that part and I'll never be able to live with it but I will be on your side no matter what and be supportive,” Doug promised.


Monet Bell is still sticking to blind dates even though her blind, arranged marriage hadn’t work out. Her date Daymon took her to an archery range. They went to dinner afterward, but Monet was still playing the field. She went on a second date with Garritt. Cortney called Monet for moral support, so Monet brought Garritt to Jason’s wrestling match. Monet's date was a good sport about having his plans changed last minute.

Cortney and Jason

Jason went costume shopping on Halloween. Cortney gave him the freedom to buy her anything he wanted her to wear. While many guys would have come back with the sexiest costume ever, Jason took a different route. He got his wife a chicken suit and a gorilla suit for himself. They had a lot of fun, which was a nice change from last week’s drama.

The couple was also helping their friend Neff get through a divorce. Cortney and Jason helped him get his wardrobe back together so he could start dating again. They helped him buy a new outfit and brought him to a bar. Jason even helped him flirt with a girl.

While Jason helped his friend get back in the dating game, Jason had a different sport to which to return. He was getting back into wrestling after stepping away for a few months. Cortney had completely forgotten about the match, and she wasn’t sure she planned on going to it. With only a couple weeks until graduation, Cortney told Jason he should probably wait until he finishes at the fire academy. Jason felt stretched too thin, but his wrestling business partner was pressuring him.

“If Jason gets seriously hurt and he’s not able to finish the academy, what does that mean? It means we have no f------ money,” Cortney told her diary camera.

Jason went ahead with the match. His business partner wasn’t pleased Jason hadn’t been around for months. Jason had previously explained he wouldn’t be available much when the fire academy started, but his partner didn’t think that was good enough. Jason left that fight to head into the wrestling match. He lost the match and wasn’t moving after he had been pinned to the ground.

“Watching somebody I love get hurt is probably one of the worst things ever,” Cortney said. Jason was helped out of the ring, and Cortney knew his injuries weren’t for show. She headed backstage to see how he was feeling.

“I don’t know what kind of shape he’s going to be in when I get back there,” she said.

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