“Married at First Sight” fans don’t have to wait until “Married at First Sight: The First Year” premieres to get the inside scoop on their favorite newlyweds. Season 1 star Jamie Otis started an online book club for her fans, but they probably weren’t expecting her to share so much about her relationship with her husband, Doug Hehner.

Jamie picked as the club's first book “The Normal Bar,” written by "Married At First Sight" expert Dr. Pepper Schwartz along with Chrisanna Northrup and Dr. James Witte. She discussed the first part of the book and related it to her own relationship. She read a passage about men falling in love more quickly than women, and the similarity to her marriage was obvious.

“If anybody watched ‘Married at First Sight,’ that’s like Doug and I to a T. Doug was pretty much, like, instantly in love with me,” Jamie laughed. “And I was like, ‘Wait a minute. Let me make sure you’re a good guy first.'"

Viewers saw Jamie struggle with letting herself be vulnerable enough to fall in love throughout the first season of the FYI program. The docuseries also showed that Jamie and Doug didn’t have sex until the end of the experiment, after a month of marriage. Now, three months after the season finale, fans could see that they're definitely past that phase when Jaime talked about intimacy in the book club video. Apparently, Doug takes her dancing when they’re going through a tough time.

“Doug caught on really quickly because, you know, if I ever were going through like, I don’t know, a rough patch or a dry patch, he’ll be like ‘Oh, let’s go dancing!’" Jamie said. "It’s really such a great way for us, for me, to be intimate.”

Those weren’t the only private details Jaime shared. The book also had a section about sex toys. “I personally think that bringing in a toy is perfectly fine and it’s fun,” Jamie said. “And if your husband really, you know, is kind of bored and you can tell he’s bored … I think introducing a toy and, you know, just experiencing that and experimenting with it is a great way to get him right back into your corner.”

Watch Jamie’s book club below:

The second part will be out Dec. 15 on Jamie’s YouTube channel. “Married At First Sight: The First Year” premieres in 2015 on FYI.