Masters of Sex
"Masters Of Sex" Season 2 episode 3 explored the domestic dynamic of Bill and Virginia's relationship. Michael Desmond/SHOWTIME

“Masters Of Sex” episode 3 was very different for the historical drama. The show finally explored the changing dynamic of Bill and Virginia’s relationship by showing their interactions in a hotel room for 45 of the 60 minutes. Check out the best moments from the episode, titled ‘Fight,’ below.

Bill and Virginia’s sexy first round in the hotel room. Dr. Masters' sex life with Ginny hasn’t been entirely clinical. In the premiere, viewers saw a lot of passion, but since then the sex has been on the professional side. In "Fight," Bill practically mauls his partner and doesn’t even bother taking all of their clothes off before having sex against the bathroom wall. Afterwards, Virginia notes that he could make some room for pleasantries and talk about how his day went. Bill says, “I just had you up against the wall of our bathroom. That doesn’t exactly qualify for the cover of the Saturday Evening Post.”

Virginia opens up about her romantic past. The couple is role-playing as Lydia and Francis Holden. When at the hotel, Bill and Virginia are the Holden’s, and Bill has a boring back-story for them. Mrs. Holden doesn’t even have a first name. Virginia makes their stories much more interesting, and reveals some details about herself by talking about “Lydia Holden.” She discusses how she fell for a boy at home and lost her virginity. However, he had a fiancé that wasn’t her. Ginny’s heart was eventually broken and she hasn’t really fallen in love since.

Virginia says, “Sex is great…But keep your heart out of it, locked some place safe like a bank vault.”

Bill opens up about his father. Viewers know that Bill’s wife Libby really hasn’t been privy to any information about Bill’s abusive father. She only knows that his father was abusive because his mother mentioned it. Yet Bill doesn’t seem to have trouble opening up to Virginia. He tells her how his father used to hit him over anything as little as leaving the screen door open. “He didn’t break my heart,” he tells her, “…just my nose.”

Bill asks to see Virginia. Bill wants to actually look at Virginia naked. After he pushes her robe off, she tries to cover herself, but she puts her hands down after a few seconds. She lets Bill look at her, and it doesn’t feel like he’s studying her for science. Dr. Masters asks if she wants to be touched and she says, “I can make myself feel good.” She masturbates in front of him, and with no data being recorded it’s hard to see how they consider this part of the study and not an affair.

Virginia acting like Dr. Masters’ wife. When Virginia orders dinner for them, she already knows how rare Bill wants his meat. They bicker over the boxing match on television while Bill tries to explain the sport to her. They have the hotel staff fooled. The concierge knows that Dr. Masters and Virginia come there every week, and he asks Ginny if she wants champagne or flowers. He knows that his girl likes those sorts of things. Virginia says that girls don’t have that much when they’re married. She says, “He does other things for me: listens to me, takes me seriously.” Virginia is never mistaken for a hooker, despite consistently meeting a man at a hotel, because she acts like his wife without even trying.

“Masters Of Sex” airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on Showtime. What were the best moments from the episode? Share your favorite scenes in the comments section below!