Masters of Sex
The Season 2 premiere of "Masters of Sex" will pick up where the Season 1 finale left off. Showtime

“Masters of Sex” kicks off Season 2 Sunday at 10 p.m. EDT on Showtime, and it looks like it’ll be picking up where the Season 1 finale left off. Refresh your memory on all the drama from Season 1 episode 12, titled "Manhigh."

Bill is finally giving a presentation on his study, and he doesn’t want it to feel too boring. He serves martinis and adds video to the presentation. One clip shows Jane’s vaginal walls while the other shows Virginia’s body, focusing on muscle spasms as she has an orgasm. The video does not feature her face, but the hospital knows it must be her. The presentation is halted after the video offends so many people. They think it is pornographic.

Barton tells Bill they are both being fired. Bill tells the hospital’s chief Barton had no idea what was going on and that he lied to Barton to get funding so only Bill gets fired. Of course, this is a lie. He actually blackmailed Barton once he discovered Barton regularly slept with male prostitutes.

Barton’s wife Margaret also discovered Barton’s sexual predilection. Barton promises to look for a cure for his homosexuality and decides he’ll undergo electroshock therapy. Margaret talks to Barton’s doctor about options for a cure. They all sound rather inhumane to her. She asks Barton not to put himself through that. Though Barton agrees, he tells Bill he’ll be going ahead with electroshock therapy anyway.

Virginia has more trouble with which to deal. Though she is no longer working with Bill, she still has an interest in women’s health and wants to convince Lillian to work on causes other than Pap smears, such as birth control pills. Lillian reminds her that, with her own cervical cancer, she does not have the time to focus on another project.

Outside work, Virginia has to deal with Ethan. He proposes to her over the phone from Los Angeles and tells her she can wait until he returns to answer. Shortly after his proposal, Virginia discovers Bill actually put her name on the study.

Bill’s wife Libby went into labor and couldn’t make it to her husband’s hospital, not that the doctor would have been able to deliver his child since he was at the bar, mourning the loss of his job and study. Libby is taken to a black hospital where she delivers a baby and chooses to wait before attempting to call her husband.

After Bill leaves the bar, he goes back to the hospital and finds his locks have been changed. He throws a fire extinguisher through the window, then goes to Virginia’s house where Virginia asks him why he put her name on the study. He tells her she earned it, and he wants to tell her the truth.

“I finally realized there is one thing I can’t live without,” Bill says. “It’s you.”

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“Masters of Sex” premieres July 13 on Showtime at 10 p.m. EDT. Will you be tuning in?