Matt Damon
Matt Damon is willing to reprise his role in “Bourne 6” if it will have an “incredible story.” Pictured: Actor attends 89th Academy Awards - Oscars Awards Show in Hollywood, California on Feb. 7, 2017. Reuters/Lucy Nicholson

Matt Damon has made the ”Bourne” franchise a hit. Despite the massive success the movies have gained, however, the 46-year-old actor has one major condition to sign on for “Bourne 6.” He wants the next film to have an “incredible story” that could convince him to reprise his role.

A number of actors have personalized their characters on the big screen, but there is always a time limit to the role-playing. Hugh Jackman, 48, is hanging up his Wolverine claws after “Logan,” while Robert Downey Jr., 51, might do the same in the “Iron Man” franchise. Unsurprisingly, this seems to be the case with Damon’s Jason Bourne, too.

The “Bourne” series was a successful franchise, but the most recent film did not perform well in the box office. Following this, Damon seemed to believe that fans were finally done with the franchise, but he recently hinted that he may still be open to reprising his role on one condition.

“This last one didn’t do as well as the one we did 10 years ago, so maybe people are done with the character,” Damon told Toronto Sun. “It would have to be a pretty incredible story to get us all back on the horse.”

The first three films of the “Bourne” franchise were a hit. “Bourne Identity” successfully launched the series, before “Bourne Supremacy” and “Bourne Ultimatum” took the franchise to new heights.

In 2012, the production tapped Jeremy Renner to lead “Bourne Legacy” when they decided to relaunch the franchise. Unfortunately, it did not work. They eventually made the decision to bring back Damon, but they did not achieve their initial success, seemingly hinting that the franchise is doomed no matter who plays the titular role. Screen Rant pointed out that even if the team finds a great story, there is no great sense from the audience that they want to see more of the franchise.

However, producer Frank Marshall said he is still positive about the “Bourne” franchise doing well and is even hoping to do another film. If Damon refuses to return, there is a big chance that the production will recast the character. Recasting the main character, like in the “James Bond” franchise, is being considered since Alicia Vikander’s and Riz Ahmed’s characters are significant as well, and they have more stories to tell, We Got This Covered reported.

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