For those who pay close attention, the eventual winner of each season of “The Bachelor” is usually evident from night one. While ABC has yet to reveal who wins Matt James' season, it has long been reported that Rachael Kirkconnell walks away as his Season 25 winner. The pair has reportedly since broken up post-show.

Below are 10 signs from this season that Rachael, the 24-year-old from Georgia, was destined to be Matt's “The Bachelor” winner on the 2021 installment.

Second Out Of The Limo- In past seasons, being one of the first out of the limos during the premiere episode is usually a good sign a contestant will stick out it for the long haul. That trend continued with Rachael. During January’s premiere, she was second to meet Matt.

Reaction To Prayer- Matt’s decision to ask his cast of women to join him in prayer during the premiere garnered praise from many of his contestants, but the cameras choose to focus on Rachael during the segment. After she was featured crying over the moment, she told her castmates she needed a moment to collect herself.

“The fact that he opened that up with a prayer just struck a nerve for me. I didn’t expect to feel like this so soon. He’s pretty much everything I expected him to be and more,” she said.

Matt Is ‘Blown Away’- During their first extended conversation, Rachael admitted to Matt that she only agreed to go on the show because he was the lead. She said his inexperience in Bachelor Nation intrigued her, specifically the idea of them going through the show together for the first time. Post-chat, Matt told the cameras he was “blown away” by Rachael.

Roses- She may not have received the first impression rose, or the first rose during the season premiere, but she did secure Matt’s second rose of the ceremony. During episode 2, she was also among the first 10 women to receive a rose.

rachael matt the bachelor 2021 Matt James and Rachael Kirkconnell from "The Bachelor" Season 25. Photo: ABC

Wedding Date- During the first group date of the season, the largest in the show’s history, the cameras focused on Rachael at an interesting moment. As Matt explained to the 18 women present that he could see his potential wife in the group and wanted to have a wedding photoshoot to “visualize” his special day, Rachael is clearly featured sporting a huge smile on her face.

During an interview, Rachael said it was going to be difficult watching Matt take wedding photos with the other women. She added that she hoped they would end up together at the end of the show.

Group Date Rose- During episode 3, Rachael made it known that she was uncomfortable about the idea of writing and performing a steamy passage for Matt, but she overcame her fears. During time with Matt, Rachael told the cameras, “I think there’s something really, really special there.” What followed was Matt giving Rachael the group date rose.

It's also worth noting that according to show blogger Reality Steve, episode 3 marked the third time Rachael had been shown getting solo time with Matt despite not yet getting a one-on-one.

First Date- Rachael and Matt’s first one-on-one came in episode 5 with Matt taking her on a shopping spree. Speaking to the cameras, Matt said of Rachael, “Rachael caught my eye night one. Week after week she continues to impress me. She’s never been the first one to run to me, the loudest one in the room, but she’s very confident and sure of herself that shines louder than anything else.”

As the date continued, he made it clear that he felt they agreed on what’s important in life and that she reminded him of home. He said being around her was “easy.” Rachael countered by sharing that she had yet to find one thing she didn’t love about him.

Later on, during the dinner portion of their date, Rachael said she wanted to leave the show with Matt and was already falling in love with him. He responded by saying she was “not crazy” for thinking that may be the outcome. He also admitted to falling in love with her, saying she just “feels right.”

Pre-Hometowns- Prior to the hometown dates, Rachael made it clear to Matt the feelings she was having for him were new to her. “I’ve never felt like this and it’s really terrifying but it's exciting because I feel like I’ve been searching for what feels like my whole life or this and now I feel like I’ve finally found it.” Rachael said her biggest worry was not getting Matt at the end of the show.

Matt countered that when he was not around Rachael, he’s thinking about her. He ended up giving her a rose and treating her to a private concert.

Hometown Date- During their hometown date, Matt said he felt their relationship was “seamless.” After a skydiving accident during their date, Matt said he realized how much he cared about her after seeing her hurt.

“It’s a different feeling when you’re falling in love and that person’s like potentially really hurt,” he told her. “We’re just getting started.”

Overnight Date- When Rachael expressed her upset over Matt’s relationships with the other finalists during the first half of their fantasy suite date, Matt had a telling response.

“What would life be like without Rachael?” he told her after rehashing her skydiving accident. “Where I’m at with you is I’m falling in love with you,” he added.

During the second half of their date, Rachael said she wanted to have a future with Matt. Matt then told the cameras “I want to continue to show Rachael how much I care for her.”

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