The fall of Harvey Weinstein proved to just be the start for abuse that was rife in Hollywood to be brought into the spotlight. Since then, victims all over the industry began coming forward to hold names like Kevin Spacey or Bryan Singer accountable for their alleged abuse and activity. However, some names that came up did appear to get lost in the shuffle as a result of the growing number of allegations.

But it seems one of those names has come back into the spotlight.

Max Landis, son of famed director John Landis, is once again facing allegations of abuse.

The accusation came from Whitney Moore, an online personality and host, who had previously dated Landis. She posted about it through Twitter on Tuesday in a short piece, talking about the apparent trauma she suffered as a result of their relationship.

“I never thought I would say anything publicly about the things Max Landis did to me because I believed that forgiveness was the correct way to heal,” she wrote. As Moore goes on, she talks briefly about lying to herself that he would get better despite the “horrific, inhumane things” he did to her and others. She continues, “I’m sorry I ever made him seem safe by my association with him, even peripherally.”

And this isn’t the first time Landis has been accused of assault or abuse in some form. Anna Akana, another online personality and actress, had previously accused Landis of being a predator in 2017. She was joined by game developer and artist, Zoe Quinn, who alleged that Landis’ actions were an open secret in Hollywood.

The accusations have resulted in massive Twitter blowback directed at Landis.