Fans of “The Bold and the Beautiful” were shocked Wednesday when one of the characters was told she was born a man. “Maya” and “Myron” soon became top-trending Twitter topics.

The news was presented on the soap opera as a secret known by Maya’s sister, Nicole. "I will not have you blackmailing me, Nicole," Maya (played by Karla Mosley) said. "So either tell me this secret that you say you have, or get out."

"You're not my sister, Maya. You're not Maya at all," Nicole said. "You're Myron, my brother."

CBS claims it is the only network with a transgender character in daytime, USA Today wrote. It was a move that even surprised Mosley.

"My first reaction was surprise, because 10 or 20 years ago, this is not a story we would be telling, and not in a way that's truthful and not sensational," Mosley told USA Today.

"My second reaction was, 'Thank you.' It's a gift it's a privilege," she said. "It's a real opportunity to educate our viewers here and all over the world."

For weeks, Maya’s younger sister Nicole (played by Reign Edwards), has teased she knew a secret about Maya. As recent as Monday, blogs like Celebrity Dirty Laundry suspected the bombshell secret was that Maya is Nicole’s mother. There also was a theory that the character was being paid do something behind her lover’s back.

Now that fans know what the secret is, the next step is how Maya's lover Rick (played by Jacob Young) is going to take the news. "I can honestly say I'd rather be alone than loved by a liar," he says in a clip from the show.

Even more questions fans have: Is this true, when did this happen and what about her daughter who died?

Soaps are known for the far-fetched twists, but fans were shocked by this one. Some of their comments are posted below. Check them out:

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