Dylan O'Brien
"Maze Runner" actor Dylan O'Brien appears as his character Thomas in new stills from the upcoming sequel. Reuters

Hollywood just can’t get enough of movie adaptations from young adult novels. The latest in the current cadre of books turned into movies, “Maze Runner,” has finally teased some photos from its upcoming sequel “The Scorch Trials.”

Both Entertainment Weekly and People Magazine posted new stills from "Maze Runner: The Scorch trials," showing the main character, Thomas (Dylan O’Brien), in a variety of new sticky situations.

As fans will remember from the first movie, Thomas was one of many young people put in a mechanical labyrinth by the nefarious WCKD organization. No one had ever escaped the maze, but many had died trying. In the end, [SPOILER ALERT] Thomas successfully leads his crew of Gladers out of their metaphorical cage only to discover that the world that remains outside of the walls is anything but a safe haven.

“The first movie was the mystery of ‘Where are we, and what is this place? And can we get out?’ But the second movie is about the repercussions of getting out and the discovery of what the world is actually like,” producer Wyck Godfrey told EW.

Apparently, Earth has been scorched by a solar flare, leaving the mind-wiped survivors of the maze to deal with the post-apocalyptic wasteland that remains. What remains, though, are mutants, tough scavengers and the occasional friend. O’Brien even teased People that more female characters will be added to the mix this time around.

The photos came with some more new plot details about the movies for those who have not or will not read the books. Apparently, the second movie picks up almost immediately where the first left off. After escaping the WCKD test labs, O’Brien’s character leads his team across the new barren landscape in the hopes of finding a place to survive and taking down what’s left of the WCKD organization. The 23-year-old actor teased the outlet saying, with two more books in the franchise to cover, “our journey is not even close to being over.”

“Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials” is scheduled to hit theaters on Sept. 18. In the meantime, check out the new stills here and here, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly and People, respectively.