Interview videos of Adam Yauch, aka MCA, provide some of the best insight into the Beastie Boy who died too young.

Yauch died Friday at the age of 47 after losing a long and brave battle with cancer. In 2009 Yauch announced that he had been diagnosed with a cancerous parotid gland and lymph node, which he subsuquently had treated with surgery and radiation.

His wife Dechen Wengdu and daughter Losel will carry on his legacy, which inspired a generation of youngsters to do what they love and pursue their passions.

As the world mourns Yauch's death, interview videos are a form of therapy, so here's a selection of some of the best interviews for getting to know MCA. They get better, so don't just watch the top one. RIP MCA, you went too soon.

1987 Interview on England's Sky TV: Adam Yauch is none too happy in this old-school clip, where he tells an interviewer that I'm mainly interested to see what the 'Mirror' is gonna write tomorrow, because I just spit on one of the dudes from the 'Mirror,' so there should be some incredible lying there tomorrow. This interview came as the British press was in the throes of a sustained attack on the Beastie Boys phenomenon, and the Beasties aren't buying into the negative, media-created narrative. Adam Yauch responds to a question about it by saying the following: That publicity isn't really significant, we play music for the kids who like the music who listen to us. We don't have anything to do with that ... The kids who listen to our music don't believe that stuff. Amen, MCA.

1987 Interview with Joan Rivers: The crowd erupts into cheers when Rivers announces the Beastie Boys, but she goes on to say I just like to refer to them as my guys, just a bunch of simple kids, their newest album is called 'License to Kill,' and has to be corrected by the crowd, many of whom own the actual album, which, as everyone knows by now, s called License to Ill, and is one of the most popular rap albums ever. The Boys have trouble finding their seats, and Rivers offers MCA her desk chair, which he takes, seating himself behind her desk and telling her why thank you, Joan. She asks him if he went to college, and to which he responds by saying I barely speak English, then explains that the three of them I love these guys, and I've grown up with them, I think they're great, and I just love them. So sad to see him today so young with his two best friends. Here's the video:

1992 Interview in the Shower: This is an odd interview with the Beastie Boys in a shower during the Check Your Head tour. This video provides insight into MCA's lineage, as he tells an interviewer Switzerland, that's where I'm originally from, that's where my name, Yauch, comes from. He also tells a story of his Swiss cousin, snowboarding, alpine horns, moose, elephant hunting and more. All total BS as far as anyone can tell, but absolutely hilarious. At the end he even turns the shower on, to cackling laughter. Check it out:

1992 Studio Interview: This interview shows MCA and his fellow Beasties chatting with an interviewer right around the time they dropped their groundbreaking album Check Your Head. This video provides rare footage of the Boys hanging out in their G-Son studio, playing instruments, and just talking and hanging out at the top of their game. While chewing gum, Adam Yauch discusses a whole range of topics, including how the Beastie Boys had been out in the woodshed working on top-secret skills so we can try and come out to give the nice people at home a little something extra. Watch it below:

Paul's Boutique Release Party: This is one of the longest vids you'll find of the Beastie Boys in their element. Featuring everything from a brass band to skywriting planes, you have to watch it to understand. We'll sign off with this video, as it would be nearly impossible to top: