McDonald's Corporation beat profits estimates for the last three months of 2013. However, it says January could see flagging sales. Reuters

McDonald's has stopped buying eggs from the company Sparboe Farms following a video that was released showing animal cruelty and a lack of attention to food safety rules.

The video showed baby chicks having their beaks cut off, dead birds left to rot in cages for days and rodents and insects swarming around the cages, according to an ABC News report seen below.

The McDonald's Corp. called the video disturbing and completely unacceptable, Friday, according to the Associated Press.

The company responded on their website saying the actions in the video did not represent Sparboe Farms, according to ABC.

I was deeply saddened to see the story because this isn't who Sparboe Farms is, owner and president Beth Sparboe Schnell's statement read. Acts depicted in the footage are totally unacceptable and completely at odds with our values as egg farmers. In fact, they are in direct violation of our animal care code of conduct, which all of our employees read, sign and follow each day.

The is not McDonald's only brush with animal cruelty allegations recently. Earlier this month, allegations surfaced that Smithfield Foods, which provides the pigs for McDonald's cult favorite McRib sandwich mistreated their pigs. According to AOL Daily Finance, allegations against the company include subjecting pigs to castration and tail trimming without a painkiller.