Each year, fans of the Shamrock Shake flock to McDonald's in order to get the seasonal favorite. However, this year, a one-of-a-kind replica of the beverage has been created to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

As stated by the eBay listing, the Golden Shamrock Shake is "a hand-crafted, truly luxurious cup valued at $90,000." The expensive piece is not only made out of 18K gold, but it also features 150 precious stones, including 50 green emeralds, white diamonds, and yellow diamonds. As stated by the press release, the golden drink, which had a starting bid of $1, took nearly 140 hours to make.

The impressive drink can be seen below in a video posted to the official McDonald's Instagram.



Celebrate 50 years of #ShamrockShakeSZN with an 18K gold, diamond and emerald tribute: the Golden Shamrock Shake. Bid NOW and it could be yours. Proceeds benefit @rmhc! Check the link in bio.

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A letter from Solomon Brothers Jewelers can also be seen on eBay, which states that the custom piece weighs 375 grams.

According to How Stuff Works, the popular McDonald's St. Patrick's Day drink made its debut in 1970, but it was actually created three years earlier by Hal Rosen, a Connecticut owner and operator. Over the years, several variations were created, including sherbet and being made from just a plain vanilla shake with green food coloring. Finally, in 1983, the mint flavor was added, bringing it the version that customers have come to love. 

As for where the proceeds from the Golden Shamrock Shake auction will go, any money raised from the sale of the Golden Shamrock Shake will benefit Ronald McDonald House Charities, which work to "improve the health and well-being of children and their families." 

However, fans of the seasonal offering also have another chance to obtain one of these pieces. Starting Feb. 25, anyone who purchases a Shamrock Shake or an OREO Shamrock McFlurry through either a mobile order or by paying with the McDonald's app before March 6 will be automatically entered to win. 

At the time of publication, the auction price had gone up to $30,100. It is set to conclude on March 6.

mcdonald's A sign stands outside of a McDonald's restaurant in San Francisco, Feb. 9, 2009. Photo: Getty Images/Justin Sullivan