In a study, children were exposed to 60 images of food logos, such as the McDonald's arches, 60 nonfood logos like the Nike swoosh and 60 blurred images. Reuters

A the Middle East franchise of American fast food giant McDonald's has refuted allegations that lettuce is being washed in a washing machine, prior to being served to customers. The allegations were made after a crudely shot video clip, allegedly from a kitchen of an as yet unidentified McDonald's outlet, was uploaded on YouTube.

The video shows the interiors of a kitchen and begins with a glimpse of the McDonald's signboard, written in Arabic. It also captures several cartons of raw materials, marked with the McDonald's logo. The video then proceeds to the interiors of the kitchen and shows a washing machine loaded with lettuce, adjacent to another machine loaded with clothes. A tray full of lettuce can also be seen on a nearby table.

The news about the clip was first reported by Dubai-based news organization - Emirates24|7. A regional spokesperson for McDonald's responded to the report with a statement e-mailed to Emirates24|7.

The statement read: McDonald's would like to point out that this video is a staged fabrication and in no way represents the manner in which lettuce is handled in our restaurants. McDonald's KSA sources its lettuce from reputable KSA-based supplier Del Monte. The lettuce is washed, sanitized, and packed in the supplier's purpose-built facility, then delivered to our restaurants daily in sealed, ready to use bags, and therefore requires no washing or drying in our kitchens whatsoever.

McDonald's has also claimed they have an Open Door Program that allows customers to tour its kitchens to verify the food quality and standards.

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