Medtronic Inc., a medical device maker, reported late Wednesday it was recalling certain devices coated with contaminated blood-thinner, Heparin.

The number of devices was not disclosed by Medtronic but the company said the devices were coated with its Carmeda BioActive surface including Heparin.

The coating was used on blood oxygenators, reservoirs, pumps, and tubing packs, and were recalled as a precaution without reporting any physical harm linked to its use.

Baxter International recalled the Blood-thinner Heparin after a chemical contaminant was found on the product and linked to 81 deaths and several injuries.

The Food and Drug Administration recommended that medical devices using heparin should be newly tested to make sure the heparin is not infected with dangerous contaminants.

Medtronic said the recall of its devices was in response to the FDA recommendation.