Meghan Markle is not allowed to talk to Queen Elizabeth during an official meal in one particular scenario.

According to Alice Scarci, a journalist for Express, the royal family has a strict rule when dining together. If the Duchess of Sussex happens to sit next to Her Majesty, she would not be able to start a conversation with her anytime she wants. Royal etiquette dictates that the monarch would have to speak to the person sitting on her right side at the start of the meal.

To ensure that no one will be ignored, the monarch would have to converse to the person on her left when the second course is served. The Queen will also set the timing of the meal.

The guests are expected to refrain from touching their food until Queen Elizabeth II starts to eat. In addition, they are supposed to put their fork down when the monarch finishes her meal.

There are also codes that alert the aides. For instance, when the Queen places her iconic bag on the table, this is a warning that she will leave the table in five minutes. However, it is believed that family dinners are more relaxed compared to official events.

In related news, Queen Elizabeth II and Markle's first meeting was reportedly filled with an air of tension. According to Andrew Morton's book "Meghan: A Hollywood Princess," it was the "most important audition of Meghan's life" because there was "no rehearsal, no script, no second takes."

According to Morton, Prince Harry and Markle was tensed because he needed to ask his grandmother's permission as the fifth in line to the throne. However, she could say "no," so everything was uncertain. Apparently, the Queen approved their relationship.

When Prince Harry and Markle tied the knot, the Queen was reportedly shocked by the Duchess of Sussex's wedding dress. Markle was previously married to Trevor Engelson and was not expected to wear a white bridal gown that embodies "innocence and virginal purity."

"The etiquette on white dresses for second marriages is now very fluid," Raishma explained. "A lot of divorced brides choose to wear white again. However, she is marrying a member of the Royal family, so she may opt for ivory or an off-white shade which actually would be perfect on her skin tone. "