Meghan Markle is not a “tiara kind of girl” unlike her sister-in-law Kate Middleton.

The Duchess of Cambridge has worn her favorite headpiece again on Monday. Middleton joined the state banquet Queen Elizabeth II hosted for Donald Trump in a white gown and sparkling Lover’s Knot tiara.

Meanwhile, the Duchess of Sussex only donned a tiara once and it was on her royal wedding to Prince Harry. According to monarchy expert Emma Forbes, there’s a reason why Markle doesn’t wear a tiara like Middleton.

“She’s not really, to me, a tiara kind of girl,” Forbes explained before adding “whereas Kate [Middleton] is more traditional. You know, the royal jewels, they’re mind-blowing, but they are quite traditional. You have to be that sort of person.”

Although Markle is not the “tiara girl” type, Forbes praised her maternity fashion. According to the expert, the new mom dressed beautifully throughout her pregnancy. Forbes added that she was aware of the flak Markle received for her expensive wardrobe, but she didn’t mind it and even compared Prince Harry’s wife to his mom.

“I think she’s very much the new Princess Diana,” Forbes said.

Meanwhile, for her, Middleton is the person who wears the High Street wardrobe and does it brilliantly. For instance, when Middleton wears a Zara shirt dress, “everybody goes crazy.”

Again, unlike Middleton, Markle has never borrowed an item from the Queen’s collection except for the tiara on her big day. Back in November, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge stepped out together for a glam date when they attended the Tusk Conservation Awards 2018. Middleton donned a pair of diamond chandelier earrings from the Queen’s vault. The earrings feature enormous pear-shaped diamonds supported by thin strands of diamonds.

Experts believe that unlike Middleton, Markle doesn’t borrow any item from Queen Elizabeth II’s jewelry collection because she has a different taste. According to Lauren Teff, a London-based stylist, Prince Harry’s wife prefers simple but stylish and contemporary with classic twist accessories. She’s also into supporting smaller designers that make an ethical impact.

Meanwhile, Middleton is into the classic “royal traditional styling.” Prince William’s wife is into diamond earrings and pearl necklaces which she can easily access at the Queen’s vault.