Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s interior designer is being sued for negligence after prioritizing them.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex hired interior designer Vicky Charles of Charles & Co. Design to work on Frogmore Cottage. The couple’s home in Windsor was renovated months ago before they moved in to make it feel like a home for Prince Harry and Markle.

However, Charles is being sued by another client for neglecting her other projects. Andrea Olshan, CEO of Manhattan-based real estate firm Olshan Properties is filing a suit against Charles after she became too focused on her work for the royals that she neglected her previous commitment with them, People reported.

Based on the court documents acquired by the publication, Charles was hired to complete the interior design of two homes in East Hampton, New York and a Manhattan apartment. Charles’ design services for the three projects was estimated to be $545,000. However, Olshan was not happy with Charles’ work.

Olshan said that she “unfortunately bought into Ms. Charles’ advertising and self-promotional promises but never received the level or type of services they contracted to receive.” She added that Charles “walked off the job” in order to “work for more A-List clients such as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.”

A few months ago, many slammed Prince Harry and Markle after it was reported that the $3.5 million renovation for their Frogmore home was funded by the public. The netizens were irked that the couple’s home was paid by the taxpayers, but they live as if they are private individuals by hiding baby Archie from them.

“They want royal privileges, taxpayers to fork out millions for their cottage renovation, security, pay for them and the baby for life but don’t want to share details until they are ready,” April Marsh wrote on Twitter.

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