Meghan Markle was reportedly just a scapegoat to distract the people from Prince William’s alleged affair and Prince Andrew’s scandal.

Earlier this year, the Duke of Cambridge was plagued with infidelity rumors. Prince William allegedly cheated on Kate Middleton by having an affair with Rose Hansbury.

Meanwhile, Prince Andrew is in hot water for his connection with pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. A netizen claimed that the Duchess of Sussex has been used as a distraction for the scandals involving the Duke of Cambridge and Duke of York.

“The reason why the UK press has been free to write whatever they want is because the Royal family and the palace courtiers have been behind that. Meghan was used as a scapegoat to distract from William’s affair and Andrew being a pedophile. #PrinceHarry,” the netizen wrote on Twitter.

Another netizen said that for her, it’s more about Prince Andrew, the alleged sex offender in the royal family. There were photos of the Duke of York waving at girls at Epstein’s property in New York. She said that maybe they were trying to bury the sex abuse story “again.”

Meanwhile, many royal fans reacted about the claim of Prince William having an affair, with some questioning it since there was no evidence supporting the infidelity rumors.

“There was no evidence what so ever that William had an affair that's why the story never hit the newspapers,” a netizen said in support of the Duke of Cambridge.

Royal fans have discussed Prince William’s alleged cheating scandal on Quora. Many of them believe that it was not true. One said that it was done on purpose and that’s to sell papers.

“It’s just tabloid nonsense to sell papers… happy couples don’t sell papers. Plus no one seems to have any proof ? Do you honestly think that would be case if he had done it ? And he knows first hand what it does to children and family’s when parents cheat. He will not risk that on his own family… so stop this slander!” Jessica Klarheden wrote.

In related news, Prince Harry and Markle were accused of working against Prince William by upsetting the media weeks before the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s tour in Pakistan. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex declared war against the press by suing three British tabloids.