Meghan Markle gave up acting when she married into the British royal family by wedding Prince Harry in 2018, but does she miss her old life?

Last September, it was rumored that the Duchess of Sussex may be “feeling some nostalgia” for her past career. The comments came about after Meghan and Harry attended a charity gala performance of the musical “Hamilton.” Afterwards, body language expert Judi James told Express that Meghan’s mannerisms supposedly gave her true feelings away.

While James said Meghan’s smile while communicating with the actors suggested she was “confident” around them, she said it was her pose with the cast members that told her more.

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“It's in the line-up with the other cast members that Meghan really looks in her element though, and this could signal some nostalgia for her old career,” James said. “As Harry stands behind her placing a careful hand to her waist Meghan's wide, confident smile and slight head tilt suggest she's feeling truly happy and at home.”

Several months later, a similar report from Express surfaced, this time suggesting that the Duchess was “bored behind the palace walls.” Speaking on iHeartRadio in August, royal commentator Rob Shuter said the 38-year-old was reportedly “looking for a new job,” adding, “we know what she’s going to do.”

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According to Shuter, the former “Suits” TV star had been reading scripts and searching for the “perfect project” as she has not “given up her first passion” of acting.

“Sources tell me ‘Meghan isn’t going to turn up in a new James Bond movie as a Bond girl, however she is putting out feelers and searching for the right script,'” he said. “If the right part comes along, maybe a historical film or documentary, then maybe she will do it.”