Meghan Markle reportedly uses Princess Diana’s body language trick to win her more fans just like the Princess of Wales.

Judi James, a body language expert, told Express that the Duchess of Sussex has been doing the baby wave gesture because it could have a profound effect on her popularity with the British public.

“The ‘baby wave’ is a technique mastered by Princess Diana before her and it works in three ways: Firstly, the lowered hand, held at the shoulder level with the palm facing forward projects an unassuming, almost non-regal approach to the fans and the public,” she said.

Markle most recently did the gesture when she attended the Royal Variety Performance with Prince Harry earlier this week. The “Suits” alum may have done the baby wave to signal that she is down to earth.

“Overall, Meghan is rapidly developing a very elegant, gracious style of deportment and gesticulation but this ‘baby wave’ that mimics a child’s way of waving shyly lets us know she’s not getting above herself and is still friendly and approachable in a way that senior royals might not seem to be,” James explained.

On multiple occasions, Markle has been seen lowering her head just like Princess Diana. James said that lowering the head is like performing an act of submission or status-diminishing and creating a rapport. Lowering the head also suggests the Duchess of Sussex’s desire to make friends.

The final element of the baby wave is looking into the camera, a move that is typically avoided by the other members of the royal family.

“Royals often treat cameras in an impersonal way, walking into events without and signals of disruption to their body language, just allowing the cameras to record them and the event. Meghan’s eye-connect forms a powerful tie-sign though, suggesting she is actively communicating with both the camera and the fans that will be looking at the photograph,” she said.

Princess Diana used this technique years ago, and it helped her create bonds with the public. As a result, she was dubbed as the People’s Princess and is still known as such even after her death.