Meghan Markle recently signed a guest book during their trip to Ireland, and a handwriting expert explained what her signature says about her personality.

Tracey Trussell, a handwriting analyst, told the Daily Mail that Markle has the innate ability to charm even the most upper-lipped individuals.

“The spacing of the layout on the page is interesting because the last time this couple signed a visitor’s book (back in March 2018 in Belfast) it was clear that Meghan sought protection from her betrothed. In spite of huge personal discipline, she tends to be a little apprehensive in the face of anything new. Now she’s in ‘The Firm,’ she’s sending out a message that she’s far from vulnerable. Meghan’s telling us that she’s a strong independent woman in her own right,” Trussell said.

During their visit to Ireland, Prince Harry also signed his name on President Michael Higgins’ guest book. Trussell also weighed in on the royal couple’s signatures combined.

“Aside from this observation, in many other ways, their signatures (which incidentally represents the individual’s shop front) are beginning to look remarkably similar as if they are reflections in the same mirror. There are matching features that reveal a desire for synchronicity and stability. They are also both instinctively in tune with the soul. Meghan invests more energy and flaunts her proactive compassion more than Harry,” she said.

However, Trussell clarified that this may be because Prince Harry doesn’t have to try so hard since as a royal, he is known to be more natural and selfless.

“The Duke and Duchess of Sussex poignantly need each other, and I think he’s certainly found his match in Meghan,” Trussell concluded.

In related news, even Prince Harry was impressed with his wife’s handwriting after she saw her sign President Higgins’ book. The 33-year-old prince couldn’t help but say that Markle’s signature looked so much better than his.