• Twitter users share possible reason why Melania wants to sue those who called her an "ex-hooker"
  • Melania Trump lambasted for threatening to sue those who called her an escort
  • Melania Trump criticized after saying that she's more than a pretty face

Twitter users share possible reason why Melania Trump wants to sue those who called her an “ex-hooker.”

In 2016, the first lady issued a legal warning to those who brought up her past modeling career and called her an “ex-hooker.” Although it has been three years since the issue was reported, some netizens seemed to have only learned about it lately. Several of them lambasted the FLOTUS and shared one possible reason why she wanted to take legal action.

According to them, Melania reacted because she is not an “ex-hooker.” Many speculated and mocked the first lady, claiming that her objection was only down to the use of the prefix “ex” since she is still allegedly doing it.

"Okay. So strike the 'ex'. Problem solved,” Sarah-Jessica Spencer wrote.

“I'll leave off the ‘ex’ then,” @QuancyClayborne commented.

“Yup. Came here to say she’s still getting paid for it lol,” another user added.

“Yeah, there's nothing ex about her,” @harvey1549 opined.

Another user didn’t want to judge the FLOTUS and asked if Melania’s objection was about the prefix “ex.” One said that maybe, because she was still getting paid for it. A different user said “yes” because her customers will think she’s no longer in business.

Several netizens also lambasted Melania for reacting because “it doesn’t change the fact she has looked and behaved” like one. One even called the FLOTUS cheap since she couldn’t afford clothes in some of her pictures, implying about her nude photos.

This isn’t the only issue about the FLOTUS that has resurfaced recently and triggered her critics to bash her. During the 2016 campaign, MSNBC host Christ Matthews commented on her appearance and she reacted by saying that she’s more than a pretty face because she is smart and intelligent.

One commented that those who announce that they are smart are usually insecure. Another mocked the FLOTUS by bringing up the plagiarism issue when Melania’s 2016 speech at the opening day of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland was too similar to Michelle Obama’s remarks in 2008.

FLOTUS Melania Trump visits military children
First Lady Melania Trump interacts with Ilana Jordan, an Imagine Andrews student, at the youth center on Joint Base Andrews, Md., Sept. 15, 2017. The facility offers various programs such as before and after school care, social recreation, sports and fitness and instructional programs for more than 800 children. Photo by Senior Airman Jordyn Fetter/U.S. Air Force Photo by Senior Airman Jordyn Fetter/U.S. Air Force