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Parisian jeweler Messika is devoted to the diamond. The sublimely simple stone casts the light in all directions, creating a sense of freedom and movement even as it sits still at the hand, ear or throat. With the Move collection in 2007, Messika opened up a door and set diamonds on a track where they could glide back and forth, adding another dimension to their dynamic charm. Ten years later, the jeweler revisits a revolutionary concept that has become a mainstay.

10 Years of Move Earrings_preview 10 Years of Move Earrings Photo: Modern Luxury

10 Years of Move Necklace

10 Years of Move Necklace - Messika_preview 10 Years of Move Necklace Photo: Modern Luxury

Marking the tenth anniversary of this remarkable collection, designer and owner Valérie Messika has created a new generation of diamond jewelry, paying tribute to artists, muses and the history of the line itself. The 10 Years of Move necklace, which boasts a matching set of earrings, consists of links with the distinctive not-quite-oval shape of the Move motif. The central frame is set with diamonds in an orderly pavé.

Pei Collection

Pei Cuff - Messika_preview Pei Cuff Photo: Modern Luxury

Iconoclastic architect I.M. Pei, who perhaps most famously stunned the world when he placed a glass pyramid in the courtyard of Paris’s august Louvre Museum, serves as inspiration for Messika’s Pei collection. A stylized, almost Cubist look utilizes clean lines and sharp angles for a solid, architectural feel. While the cuffs (in solid gold or pavé with diamonds) hew to the Move formula of three mobile diamonds, Messika’s Pei rings use a similar silhouette with just one diamond, transforming the mature elegance of the (traditionally male) signet ring into something fresh and feminine.

Ron Collection

luxury Ron Ring - Messika_preview Ron Ring from Messika Photo: Modern Luxury

Named for versatile artist Ron Arad, Messika’s Ron collection incorporates a bit of his signature style into the Move line. The designer’s look draws heavily on biomorphic shapes and curves, a distinctive bent that finds an echo in Messika’s Ron pieces. Emphatically curvilinear, the rings and cuffs coil around the body while providing a long, languid track for the interior diamonds to cruise down.

Messika by Gigi Hadid

Messika by Gigi Hadid- Move High Jewelry Addiction © Alexandre Roberdet (3)_preview Messika by Gigi Hadid Photo: Modern Luxury

Valérie Messika and model Gigi Hadid have joined forces to create a new line that injects a bit of avant-garde edge into the world of haute jewelry. The 12 pieces designed for Move Addiction rupture the familiar Move motif, transforming it into a chic, diamond-studded “G” that goes gleefully gallivanting in gold and gems. To complete the collection, Messika added four haute jewelry pieces that push the concept to the limits of luxury.