Fast food restaurant chain McDonald's has been targeted by 25 lawsuits, arguing that the company condones sexual harassment in the workplace and punishes workers who speak up.

The lawsuits were issued on the behalf of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), along with the labor group Fight for $15 and the Time's Up Legal Defense Fund. More than two dozen women across 20 American cities claim that they have faced groping, indecent exposure and lewd comments by supervisors while working at branches of the restaurant.

Twenty of the lawsuits were sent to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and three were classified as civil rights cases, the New York Times reported Tuesday.

"The Time's Up Legal Defense Fund is proud to support the McDonald's workers for fighting for their safety, dignity and respect at work, but the truth is protecting the 1.9 million people who work at McDonald's from sexual harassment, assault and retaliation is your responsibility," a letter from The Time's Up Legal Defense Fund addressed to McDonald's read.

McDonald's has more than 14,000 locations around the U.S. and more than 850,000 workers domestically. It is also the world's largest restaurant chain by revenue and has a total of 1.9 million employees worldwide.

The allegations are the latest chapter in the #metoo movement originating on Twitter that aims to raise awareness about sexual harassment and assault. The movement has been particularly influential in Hollywood and the media. Film producer Harvey Weinstein, talk show host Matt Lauer and comedian Louis C.K. are just a few who have had their careers tarnished due to allegations of sexual harassment and abuse towards women in the workplace.