The Miami Zombie Rudy Eugene is no longer a threat, but that didn't stop an aspiring actor from dressing up as a zombie and terrorizing Miami residents in a prank video that nearly got the prankster killed.

The viral video, which has more than 3.6 million views and over 34,000 likes on YouTube and can be seen below, features Vitaly Zdorovetskiy dressed and walking like a zombie while making grunting noises as he moves towards groups of fleeing people in Miami.

Before the video starts, text on the screen recounts the disturbing tale of so-called Miami Zombie Rudy Eugene eating off the face of Ronald Poppo on the MacArthur Causeway in Miami Beach late last month.

Police officers observed a naked Eugene munching on Poppo's face when Eugene, allegedly high on bath salts, growled at the cops and continued eating Poppo. Even after one gunshot, Eugene would not relent and officers were forced to pump several bullets into him to kill the enraged attacker.

Poppo is still in critical condition following the attack.

The video mentions that cannibal Rudy Eugene was killed.

ITS [SIC] NOT OVER........, is then splashed across the screen as Zdorovetskiy begins the prank.

Many Miami residents are seen fleeing from Zdorovetskiy's creepy antics. The prank almost became no laughing matter when Zdorovetskiy had a gun pointed at him around the 2-minute mark of the viral video as the prankster attempted to chase a few men.

While Zdorovetskiy came out alive, he had a harsh warning for any would-be pranksters who want to follow in his footsteps.

Very Dangerous Prank! Almost Got Shot at 2:00! DO NOT TRY IT! he said.

The video contained scenes of people running, nearly all of them black.

Zdorovetskiy tweeted he did not intend for the video to appear racist.

I did not only chase black people in the video..I tried with white but it didnt work...BEHIND THE SCENES SOON! he wrote on his Twitter account Monday night.