Xbox One
The Xbox One will go on sale Nov. 21, according to a game developer. Microsoft

Microsoft exec Marc Whitten has announced in a blog post that Xbox Live Gold subscribers will be able to share the Xbox One features that come with Xbox Live Gold with friends and family. How? It's called Home Gold. Read Marc Whitten's full blog post here.

With Home Gold, Xbox Live Gold members can share multiplayer gaming, Game DVR, SmartMatch, The NFL on Xbox, Skype, Internet Explorer use and other features with friends and family.

When you're at home, anyone using your Xbox One can use the features that come with Xbox Live Gold even if you aren't logged in. All they need to do is create their own gamertag.

If you log into your account when using a friend's Xbox One, everyone there will be able to play multiplayer games, even if you're the only Xbox Live Gold member there. While you can be logged into your Xbox Live Gold account on your Xbox 360 and Xbox One simultaneously, Home Gold benefits only apply to the Xbox One. To read about all the benefits of Home Gold, check out the blog post in the link above.

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