The control of the U.S. House was a toss-up in the early hours of Wednesday as votes continued to be tallied across the country.

The crucial Senate race in Georgia remained too close to call at the time of this writing, and it could determine whether Democrats would continue their control of the Senate.

While the neck-to-neck results continued to trickle in, one thing became prominently clear. Former President Donald Trump emerged as the biggest loser, despite not being on the ballot.

Headlines and social media mirrored the same sentiment as most of the candidates whom Trump lent support to lost in the midterms, Politico reported.

Noting that Trump spent the past year hand-picking his preferred candidates and endorsing them, it was a humbling night for Trump and his gang of election result deniers, according to The Telegraph.

Millions of dollars were raised and several rallies were held, however, Trump's efforts went in vain when they didn't translate when the races began to be called. Pennsylvania's Dr. Mehmet Oz and Doug Mastriano, New Hampshire's Don Bolduc, and Ohio's J.R. Majewski, all lost the elections.

Lauren Boebert, whom Trump named a "fearless leader" and endorsed in December 2021, appeared to be trailing Wednesday as most of the votes were counted in Colorado's Third Congressional District. A similar fate was faced by Kari Lake, who had resisted announcing that Joe Biden had won Arizona on election night in 2020.

Earlier on election day, Trump told NewsNation that he would take the credit in case of a red wave and no blame if they lost. However, there was no escaping the virtual wrath of Americans for the kingmaker.

"There are Republican winners. There are Democratic winners. But almost across the board, the biggest loser is Donald Trump," read a tweet.

"Democrats and Republicans can both claim victories tonight. The biggest loser is Donald Trump as the results tonight end him as a formidable political force. And DeSantis proved a Republican can take on Trump and still win big," tweeted another.

"Now that Oz lost, the biggest loser tonight is Donald Trump - With R'a taking the House and Trump losing all over the place (mixed with Desantis turning all of Florida red) this is a chance for Republicans to take their party back," a third claimed.

"Biggest loser of the night, Donald Trump who selfishly announced he would re-run without waiting until after the midterms. Biggest winner of the night, Ron DiSantis who turned purple FL into bright red," opined another in a social media post.

Former US president Donald Trump speaks during a rally at the Dayton International Airport on November 7, 2022 in Vandalia, Ohio, saying he will make a major announcement on November 15