Although public outrage over the #CutForBieber trend – in which users posted pictures purportedly of themselves cutting their wrists in protest over Justin Bieber’s rumored drug use – has been brewing for over a day now, the singer himself has so far stayed silent on the controversy. Still, that hasn’t kept Miley Cyrus from voicing her opinion on the topic.

The #CutForBieber trend originated after Bieber was photographed at a party smoking what TMZ claimed was a “smoldering blunt.” Although the 18-year-old pop star did not specifically address the photographs, he did issue what seemed like an ambiguous apology over his Twitter account the next day saying, “Everyday growing and learning. Trying to be better.”

The Twitter trend was started days after the release of the photographs, allegedly as an attempt by the Internet message board 4chan to get female teen fans of Bieber’s to cut themselves in protest of the singer’s supposed drug use. As hundreds of Twitter users began posting their own parody photos in response to the cutting trend, including pictures of users pretending to cut their hair or pieces of fabric and displaying wrists covered in ketchup, the trend prompted a backlash.

Fellow pop star Miley Cyrus was among those who shared her feelings about the trend. The singer and former “Hannah Montana” actress retweeted @OfficialCANCER’s stance against the trending hashtag: "#cutforbieber? Cutting is NOT something to joke about. There are people who are actually suffering from self-harm, this is so disrespectful."

Although Cyrus didn’t incorporate her own words in the message, the issue may be a personal one for her. According to Hollywood Life, Cyrus has been photographed on multiple occasions sporting scars on her left wrist that bear a likeness to those seen on patients who self-mutilate.

“The straight lines, the length of them, and the spacing may indicate self-injury," Lori Vann, who said she is a licensed professional counselor supervisor, told the publication. Cyrus has not commented on the report.

Although Cyrus owns several dogs, Vann said that the marks did not look like the marks of animal scratches.

“Animal cuts tend to be a little less straight and precise, a bit more jagged on the edges. The only other possible explanation would be if she were cutting roses and the thorns could have made those type of scratches,” said Vann.

In the meantime, Bieber has yet to publicly address the issue, which has already provoked the ire of some fans. “I think the WORST part about #cutforbieber is that @justinbieberhas NOT said anything to stop it,” said Twitter user @Reenna in a tweet to followers.