Mary and Chris Gorman
Mary and Chris Gorman, multi-millionaires from Scotland, claim Orlando police "misunderstood' circumstances involving cocaine, assault, and a three-way sex act. Orlando Police Department

A high-profile Scottish couple was arrested in Orlando, Fla., after an alleged three-way tryst in the bathroom stall of the Roxy nightclub, where Tiger Woods has been a frequent patron.

Chris Gorman, an entrepreneur behind the UK retail chain The Gadget Shop, was arrested and charged with interference as he resisted police attempts to arrest his wife, Mary, for cocaine possession and assaulting a police officer.

The couple is reportedly worth $70 million, and were visiting Orlando on a family vacation.

IBTimes has obtained two police reports connected to the Aug. 13 arrests of Mr. and Mrs. Gorman.

Following the tip of a club employee, two off-duty, uniformed officers entered the male restroom on suspicion that club patrons were having sex there. They reportedly found Mrs. Gorman involved in an act with an unidentified male, while Mr. Gorman observed.

According to Orlando Police Officer Roman's statement in Mr. Gorman's incident report, Officer Roman responded to the men's bathroom and observed that the door to the stall was locked and that there were three people inside the stall. I knocked on the door and it was opened by a while male later identified as Christopher S. Gorman.

Officer Pruitt provided more details of the bathroom stall scene in the incident report of Mrs. Gorman's arrest.

Defendant [Mary] Gorman was still loud inside the bathroom and was asked to leave several times. Defendant [Mary] Gorman turned around and pushed me in the chest with an open hand....It should be noted that I Officer Pruitt and Officer Roman were both wearing are [sic] departmental issued uniforms and equipment which properly identified as Orlando Police.'

The police report also indicates finding two pieces of white paper containing a white powdery substance in Mrs. Gorman's wallet, which later tested positive for the presumptive presence of cocaine.

The Gormans told the Telegraph that circumstances were very different than the police reports suggest.

We firmly believe that we have not done anything to merit the charges or treatment we received, Mrs. Gorman told the Telegraph.

She also claimed the couple was subject to very heavy-handed tactics.

Mr. and Mrs. Gorman have not yet responded to a request for further comment.

Mr. Gorman is an active business mogul involved in a number of digital and lifestyle enterprises. He was awarded an OBE (Officer of the Order of the British Empire) from Queen Elizabeth in 2005 for his service to business.

According to the couple's personal Web site, Mrs. Gorman is a tireless advocate of and contributor to many charities, her most prominent role is as an Ambassador for Action for Children.

We totally refute all the charges and have appointed an excellent attorney in Orlando who fully expects a successful resolution in due course, Mrs. Gorman told the Telegraph, claiming that the circumstances had been misunderstood by Orlando police.

The couple has retained Mark Horwitz, a lawyer reportedly known for defending white collar clients.

We are optimistic of resolving the case in a satisfactory way, Horwitz told the Telegraph.