The brain of Nobel physicist Albert Einstein was put on display at London’s Wellcome Collection museum as part of an exhibition Brains: The Minds As Matter on Thursday.

The exhibition that runs from March 29 to June 17 showcases samples of Albert Einstein's preserved brain on slides, and specimens along with other famous and infamous brains such as the English mathematician Charles Babbage and mass killer William Burke.

“The mind as matter explores what humans have done to brains in the cause of medical intervention, scientific enquiry, cultural meaning and technological change,” the museum authority said in a statement.

Albert Einstein’s brain was removed from his body upon his death in 1955 by Dr. Thomas Harvey for subjecting it to studies. Harvey dissected the brain into multiple parts. But despite several studies, the mystery of Einstein’s genius still baffles scientists.

The exhibition, themed around human brain, also showcases artworks, manuscripts, artifacts, videos and photography deciphering the brain.

We all recognise its outline and know that it is the most important part of us, but for many, the brain remains as mysterious as it is beguiling. This exhibition presents brains of extraordinary people among other intriguing specimens and showcases remarkable tales from more than 500 years of scientific investigation into the physical matter of the mind,” Ken Arnold, head of public Programs at Wellcome Collection, said.

While the exhibitors aim to show the human brain through various perspectives, have a look at Albert Einstein’s brain and other specimen on display below.