The 89 Contestants for the Miss Universe pageant 2011 are involved in a busy schedule of activities in Brazil from FormulaOne racetracks to non-government organizations working to keep poor children off the streets.

The bevy of beauties attended a traditional capoeira and percussion session along with some talented children of a non-government organization, Meninos do Morumbi. This social youth project works to keep children from crime and drugs using music, sports and dance as a medium.

For the last 13 years, the organization has harvested hundreds of children in the neighborhood of Morumbi.

During their visit to the area, the children offered a unique demonstration of capoeira, following which the contestants were called on stage to dance and perform.

The energy was great. I think they enjoyed it a lot and our children were thrilled with the girls. I believe that the best part of this is sharing and making friends. I hope they come back after the pageant to visit us if they are in Sao Paulo and keep in touch with our children in some way, Xinhuanet quoted Flavio Pimenta, president of Meninos do Morumbi stating.

Check out the amazing visuals of the 2011 participants dancing to the tunes of traditional Brazilian music: