Baby Lisa Irwin
Baby Lisa Irwin has been missing for four months, but her parents, Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin, are confident that their one-year-old daughter is alive, well and will return home. Nearly three months since the couple's last media interview, Bradley and Irwin shared their side of the story on the Dr. Phil Show Friday in the hopes of clarifying false reports and gaining national attention for missing baby Lisa. "I would do anything to see her again," Bradley told viewers. Reuters

The search for the missing baby, Lisa, from Kansas City, Missouri, has entered its 37th day and still there is no news about the whereabouts of the infant. After extensive field searching and investigating for over a month, the police has only hit constant dead ends.

In the latest development in the case, Deborah Bradley, baby Lisa's mother, may have been named a suspect in the case. Bradley had changed her story once or twice during investigations and that could have made her a potential suspect.

An attorney of the family, John Picerno, said on Friday that Lisa's parents have been named possible suspects by police investigating the baby's disappearance, reports Fox news. Picerno said in a statement during a news conference, Oh, they've told them as much...sure, when questioned by a reporter about the matter. Debbie in particular.

The Kansas Police, however, denied the statement and told Fox News that the couple has not been told that they are suspects. The police maintain that they have no suspects in the case so far. We have no suspects in the case, Kansas City police spokeswoman, Stacey Graves, said in an email to

It was Lisa's first birthday on Friday, and it has passed as just another mournful day for the family with no clue about her. There is no place left for the police to conduct a field search for the infant who went missing from her crib where she was supposedly safely asleep more than 5 weeks ago.

We are not doing any physical field searching just to do it, Kansas City Police Capt. Steve Young said earlier this week. If we have another idea, thought or piece of information on where to do that, we will do it before you can blink. But we aren't going to do it just to do it. We're not going to close our eyes and start throwing darts.

The baby's parents believe that their child was abducted. A video footage from a surveillance camera has also emerged, supporting this fact, showing a man dressed in white leaving a wooded area close to where Baby Lisa vanished on the night she was reported missing, a Daily Mail report said.

Jeremy Irwin, Lisa's father, who was doing electrical work for a local Starbucks on the night of the baby's disappearance, returned home around 4 a.m., only to find his baby missing from the crib. He also reported that when he reached home, the front door was unlocked and three cell phones were missing.

In connection to the baby's disappearance, Lisa's half-brothers were interviewed on Thursday afternoon for the first time, since an initial conversation that occurred with police the day after Lisa went missing. The two half-brothers, 5 and 8, were home the night baby Lisa went missing and reportedly claim they heard noises, according to Bradley.

Though the child specialist, who interviewed the kids, has not received any details, the police will have access to the boys' responses and they hope the interviews will lead to further information that might help in the investigation, Kansas City Police Department spokesman, Officer Darin Snapp told Reuters.

The parents who were said to have cooperated with the police in the beginning of the investigation are reportedly not as open with investigators as police would like, further complicating the search, said Young, according to Fox news.

I'm not saying they're not cooperating, he said. They have met some of our needs. What I've been talking about specifically is sitting down, separate from each other, to be interviewed by detectives. In regard to that, no, that hasn't happened since the 8th of October.

Various mysteries surround the baby's disappearance, including the three cell phones stolen from the Bradley-Irwin home on the night of baby Lisa's disappearance.

According to the phone records, a 50-second call was made from Bradley's cell phone to Megan Wright, the ex-girlfriend of a neighborhood handyman, John Jersey Tanko.

Tanko, who has a criminal record, has been extensively interviewed by police. He was reportedly seen that night by a neighbor near the Bradley-Irwin home.

Wright, however, denied receiving any call that night and said that her cell phone was shared by seven other members of her family. I don't know what was said, or who called, or who answered my phone, Wright said to KCTV5.

Authorities said that Tanko was co-operating with the investigation and is currently behind bars for an unrelated theft.