Lisa Irwin
Lisa Irwin was reportedly kidnapped from her home in Kansas City, Mo. REUTERS/Ho New

The Kansas City Police, who have been trying every possible option to get a clue leading them to the missing Lisa Irwin, are now thinking of interviewing her two half-brothers.

A few days after 10-month-old Lisa had disappeared, the police briefly interviewed her half-brothers. But now the investigators think that interviewing them properly might bring out some crucial results in the case. DNA sample of the boys will also be taken to see if the samples match any DNA found at the scene.

Lisa was found missing Oct. 4 when her father, Jeremy Irwin, returned from New York. The police focused much on homeless Johny Tanko who worked in the Irwin family's neighborhood. However, in mid-October, they said that Tanko had nothing to do with the vanishing of the baby. Kansas City Police Dept. spokesperson Steve Young told KCTV: We spoke to him and are moving on.

Meanwhile, a man has claimed that he smoked and spent about 90 minutes with Lisa's mother, Deborah Bradley, and her neighbor Samantha Brando on the night the baby disappeared. The neighbor, who wants to be referred to as Shane, said that various investigative officers had interviewed him already and they had taken his DNA samples too.

An award of $100,000 has been announced by an anonymous donor for the safe return of Baby Lisa.