Leibby Kletzky
Leibby Kletzky found dead Kletzky family

The missing Brooklyn boy was found dismembered and killed. On Wednesday, body parts of the 8-year-old Leibby Kletzky were discovered in both the refrigerator of 35-year-old Levi Aron and in a dumpster about 2 miles away from Aron's residence.

The boy's feet, along with a bloody cutting board and blood stains, were found in the refrigerator. Meanwhile, other parts of his body were in a suitcase in the dumpster, reported NY Daily News.

Kletzky went missing on Monday afternoon. He was on his way home (walking by himself) from summer camp for the first time and got lost. He then approached Aron, who had just made a payment to a dental office nearby, likely to ask for directions home.

Aron then convinced the boy to get in his 1990 Honda Accord, took the boy to his attic apartment, and ultimately killed him.

After the boy went missing on Monday, Aron was soon identified through the aid of a surveillance camera tape. When the police tracked him down and busted through his apartment on Wednesday, Aron confessed to the murder.

He directed the police to the boy's remains in the refrigerator and then pointed them to the dump. He explained that he killed the boy because he panicked when he found out that the police were searching for the boy.

Aside from the police, the entire tightly-knit Orthodox Jewish Community in Brooklyn, to which the boy's family belonged, conducted an extensive search for him.

It's unclear why Aron committed the kidnapping in the first place.

Not much is known about Levi Aron at this point. He is a stock clerk at the Empire State Supply Co. hardware store on McDonald Avenue in Kensington.

When he reported to work on Tuesday, he appeared fine, according to his co-worker, who spoke to CrownHeights.info.

However, Aron was a strange guy, said the co-worker.