As the investigation continues to locate New Canaan resident Jennifer Dulos, new information continues to come to light. Following the mother of five's May 24 disappearance, police started looking at her estranged husband, Fotis Dulos. Now, Fotis' attorney states that his client has obtained a piece of evidence that may prove that Jennifer is still alive.

According to NBC Connecticut, Fotis, 52, received a medical bill that he believes illustrates that Jennifer saw a doctor in early July, nearly two months after her disappearance. Last week, a four-page motion was filed in Stamford Superior Court that stated Jennifer received "reproductive" services, per the statement he received.

"If Ms. Dulos herself did, as the bill suggests, receive medical services on July 7, 2019, she is obviously alive, if not necessarily well," Pattis wrote on Friday.

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However, attorney Jim Bergenn, who is not affiliated with the Dulos case, argued that the date may not be as pivotal as Fotis' defense is claiming. "You could date when you send out a report as a service. So, that doesn't necessarily mean that she got her service on that date," he said.

This would not be the first time that Fotis and his legal team have sought to access Jennifer's medical records. However, previous requests were denied due to the "speculative" nature and the fact that the judge did not feel they had produced enough evidence. At the time, the presiding judge said they would revisit the issue if other pieces of compelling evidence were produced, but it remains unclear whether or not this new development will warrant such an about-face.

As for Fotis' one-time girlfriend, Michelle Troconis, her legal team is attempting to seal her recent deposition, arguing that release of the information could violate her rights to a fair trial. Previously, Troconis underwent a 45-minute deposition where she continuously invoked the Fifth Amendment and refused to answer anything regarding Fore Group's finances.

At this time, both Fotis and Troconis, 44, face charges of hindering prosecution and tampering with evidence. Additionally, Fotis has returned to court since facing his initial charges due to the fact that he had not been properly charging the batteries in his court-ordered GPS monitor.

Neither has been charged with anything directly relating to Jennifer's disappearance and have each pled not guilty to evidence tampering and hindering prosecution. The next court date for either Fotis or Troconis remains unknown at this time.

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