On Tuesday, new reports surfaced that stated that Fotis Dulos attempted to commit suicide at his Farmington home. This news comes after he was charged with murder and kidnapping pertaining to the disappearance of Jennifer Dulos, his estranged wife, on Jan. 6. Previously, he had also faced charges of conspiracy to commit murder regarding the mother of five's whereabouts.

According to local outlet WSFB, Fotis reportedly made the attempt, but was subsequently taken to a hospital with a weak pulse following the incident. Upon arrival, he was said to be unresponsive, as reported by CBS New York.

"I am told Mr. Dulos is en route to the hospital with a pulse. Our thoughts and prayers are with him," said his attorney, Norm Pattis.

The outlet also shared that paramedics were on the scene behind his home on Tuesday, and they were reportedly seen giving him CPR. According to the Daily Mail, an unnamed official said that he believed he had attempted to kill himself with carbon monoxide poisoning in his garage.

However, at this time, conflicting reports have emerged regarding his status. While initially it was said that he had died by suicide, both Pattis and Fotis' sister have stated that he was alive and transported to a hospital.

This development comes after new questions started to arise regarding his alibi and previously-unreleased voicemails created new suspicion. Earlier this month, Pattis had also indicated that he and his client wanted the trial to start "as quickly as possible."

At this time, his official condition remains unclear.

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