• Taylour Young, 25, went missing on Dec. 9 while running errands
  • His car was spotted in the South Voss and San Felipe area
  • His mother located his phone in the bushes near an ATM

The body of a 25-year-old man from Houston, Texas, who went missing while running errands over a month ago, was found in the trunk of his vehicle. Police found Taylour Young's decomposing body inside his vehicle on Jan. 19 at an impound lot in Dallas.

Young reportedly went missing on Dec. 9 in the South Voss and San Felipe area, when he was on a break for lunch from work, as per ABC 13. He was driving a 2019 Silver Honda Civic, and CCTV cameras captured his car passing through the drive-thru ATM.

When discovered, his body was in advanced stages of decomposition and the cause of death will be determined by Dallas County Medical Examiner's Office, said a Twitter post by Houston Police.

Officers also told ABC 13 that Young's car was towed on Jan. 10 from a business parking lot on Mockingbird Lane in Dallas. The workers at the impound lot where the car was taken contacted the police on Jan. 19.

Young's mother Tiffany Robinson managed to locate Young's phone using an app. "The phone was found in the bushes by the ATM," she said, as quoted by KHOU.

Just after he went missing, Robinson had embarked on a search for her son. "I have my moments when I ask, 'Did he eat? Is he in pain? Is he cold?' Normal mother stuff," Robinson told People.

The woman added that she was in constant touch with her son and used to text often. "On Wednesday, Dec. 8, he sent me a cute picture of his dog, Gigi, with Christmas antlers on her head," Robinson said.

Though she called her son the next day around 7:30 p.m., Young didn't answer. "I didn't think anything of it initially because sometimes he doesn't pick up right away. I texted and asked, 'Are you at work?' but I meant to say 'Are you at home?'

As it turns out, Robinson was not the only one who was concerned about her son's whereabouts. Young's girlfriend came to her house asking if she had any idea where he was. The woman told Robinson that she had been calling him but in vain. The duo then traced his phone using the Find My Phone app and immediately contacted the Houston Police.

After learning about her son's death, Robinson said there's no reason she can think of why he would be up in Dallas.

Anyone with information about Young's death is asked to contact the Houston Police Department Homicide Division at 713-308-3600.

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