•  Kassandra Cantrell was last seen Aug. 25 and was reported missing Aug. 27
  • She is having a baby with a friend
  •  There has been no activity on Cantrell's cell phone since the day she went missing

Authorities in Washington state have urged the public to help with any information in the search for a 33-year-old pregnant woman. Kassandra Cantrell was last seen Aug. 25 and was reported missing Aug. 27, one day after she'd missed an appointment for her first sonogram.

Cantrell's relatives reported a missing complaint after they did not hear from her for days and noticed she had stopped using all social media, which was unusual. She was last seen on security footage Aug. 25, leaving her Parkland home in her 2014 white Mazda sedan, local outlet KCPQ reported.

“This is not normal, she wouldn’t just vanish…,” her mom, Marie Smith, told the TV-station. “That is not a place that she would ever be. It's just not, there’s no reason for her to be there. It’s not a safe area, she wouldn’t be there.”

“She would have taken her dogs,” Smith added. “If she took nothing else, she would have taken her darn dogs because they’re her babies.”

Smith was unable to provide any details but said she had some suspicions on who might be involved with the disappearance of her daughter.

“If somebody has her, please please let her go,” Smith pleaded. “All I want is for her to come home and if anybody has seen her please call the police.”

In a statement, the Pierce County Sheriff's Office confirmed they found Cantrell's unoccupied white Mazda sedan late Thursday night, not far from a highway overpass near the Tacoma Dome. Authorities are reviewing surveillance video from area businesses, searching for any footage showing Cantrell or her vehicle. They are also looking to see if she boarded the nearby Sounders train.

According to authorities, "Cantrell's friends believe that she may have planned to go to a grocery store, but there have been no records of financial activity to verify that she went shopping."

Cantrell was described as white, standing 5 feet 7 inches tall. She weighs around 180 lbs., has brown hair and blue eyes.

Detectives reportedly said there has been no activity on Cantrell's cell phone since the day she went missing.

“This is way out of character for her so we’re worried,” Ed Troyer, spokesman for the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department, told The News Tribune.

Cantrell's mother said she is having a baby with a friend, and though the pregnancy was unexpected, it was a welcome surprise.

“When she found out she was thrilled because she wasn’t sure that she’d have a chance to have a baby and so she was really excited, she already picked out names,” Smith said.