Police in Pennsylvania recovered a kidnapped teenager and gunned down her abductor after an intense pursuit that ended Sunday night.

Jordan Patrick Oliver, 20, allegedly kidnapped Samara Derwin, 15, in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania on Sunday afternoon. Oliver had been holding Derwin at knifepoint at a high school parking lot when police were called to the scene. After releasing Derwin to police in a hostage situation, Oliver managed to mace an officer and then drove off with Derwin in a stolen 2014 Ford Interceptor police cruiser. 

An Amber Alert was then issued for Derwin. Oliver faced kidnapping, aggravated assault, unlawful restraint and theft charges. He was considered armed and dangerous.

Hours later, police tracked down Oliver and Derwin to a wooded area, a little over three miles southeast of the high school. Police fired on and killed Oliver after he attempted to run down an officer with the police cruiser.

The full extent of the relationship between Oliver and Derwin is unclear. Court records showed a protection-from-abuse order had been filed on behalf of Derwin against Oliver by Derwin's mother. Oliver had previously been issued two restraining orders. 

Local police believed Oliver was in possession of knives, axes and possibly a gun.

Derwin, who is the daughter of a police officer, reportedly did not suffer any injuries.