What will Tom Cruise hang off of this time? Anything seems possible for the daredevil star of the “Mission Impossible” series. In the new trailer for “Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation” not only do fans get more stunts, they’ll also get more back story. And yes, there’s more Cruise where that came from.

In addition to the usual Cruise antics of death-defying stunts, audiences will get their first preview of what the “Rogue Nation” is. In the first minute of the trailer, a formidable sounding Alec Baldwin announces it’s time to dissolve the IMF, or Impossible Mission Force, the covert organization Cruise’s character Ethan Hunt is a part of. Towards the end of the trailer, and after getting on the radar of the CIA, Ethan and company are surrounded by a rogue anti-IMF force.

“This might be our last mission,” says Ethan in the trailer.

Here’s a rundown of the four most heart-stopping moments from the new trailer for “Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation":

1. Dives With No Gear
At the beginning of the trailer, Cruise's character is informed he must dive into 70,000 gallons of pressured water without an oxygen tank. “No oxygen tank?” his character asks. Nope, no scuba gear for you, Ethan! You know you’re going to hold your breath in the theater when watching this part.

2. Market Car Chase
The popular chase sequence through a far-off bazaar has been cribbed in several action movies through the decades, but expect there to be an extra spin when Ethan takes the wheel (apparently just a moment after he was resuscitated).

3. Cruise Perfects The Double Kick
Using both feet to knock the wind out of a baddie’s chest, Ethan can be seen pulling the move off twice in the new trailer before skillfully escaping.

4. Explosive Motor Cycle Chase
Perhaps the most fast-paced stunt in the new trailer, the seconds shown of the new motorcycle chase points to more high-stakes sequences to come.

Then of course, the trailer crescendos with the impressive Cruise stunt of hanging off the side of an airplane while its takes off.

“Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation” opens in theaters July 31.