A Brazilian model was criticized after she attempted to use the devastation in New York City to her benefit, Yahoo reported. 

[Click here to see photos from the shoot] 

The former Playboy model, who used the chaos in the city as her backdrop for some glamour shots, ignited international fury for what many viewed as an insensitive act. 

Wearing a long-sleeved black top, leggings and black ankle boots, Nana Gouvêa (the Brazilian model) was photographed striking a dramatic wide-legged pose in similar fashion to how Angelina Jolie posed at the Oscars. However, Gouvêa planted herself amid a humongous uprooted tree and a stranded moving truck. 

Gouvêa even went as far as propping herself up on top of broken branches to balance herself on the hood of a smashed silver BMW, as shown in a different photo. 

Images from the photo shoot were soon published on the website ego.globo.com, in addition to being posted on her Facebook page; the Hurricane Sandy photo shoot in NYC soon went viral.

The response from social media was substantially critical; she was soon dubbed "Miss Tragedy" by several Twitter users. 

One commenter wrote that it "the weirdest photo shoot ever," and someone else posted in Portuguese that she had "shamed Brazil."

Next on the list for Gouvêa was to be turned into an Internet meme ... Images of her were put against photos of some of the most devastating images in American history, such as photos of the Titanic sinking and even the Sept. 11 destruction.

The memes can be found on a Facebook page called "Nana Gouvea in Disasters."

In an interview with Ego, Gouvêa said she was stuck in her New York apartment with her husband, and they found the storm to be "romantic."