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  • Players need access cards to enter Building 21
  • Building 21 cannot be accessed outside of the initial spawn menu
  • Locked doors inside the facility need special key cards that drop in Al-Mazrah

One of the highlights of the Season 1 Reloaded update for "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2" is Building 21, a unique area that's limited to the DMZ game mode. Unlike other POIs, Building 21 works a lot differently, and finding it can be a little tricky.

Players who have been trying to find Building 21's location should know that it technically doesn't exist on the map. Instead of rushing to get to it like the rest of DMZ's locations, Operators will need to overcome certain hurdles before they can enter its premises.

Entering Building 21

This new area requires players to find a Building 21 Access Card in Al-Mazrah. This is very similar to the Labs map from "Escape from Tarkov."

Access cards can be looted from Strongholds and supply drops above ground. Unfortunately, there's no guaranteed way to key these key cards, so players will have to keep playing until they get one.

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As a reminder, Strongholds can only be accessed by either purchasing key cards or looting them off of NPCs in DMZ. They can be used an unlimited number of times, but they will disappear if a player dies or successfully exits the map.

Meanwhile, supply drops can be triggered by capturing a SAM site and waiting for a plane to get hit. Multiple caches will drop all over the map, and other Operators will be able to loot them as well.

After getting a Building 21 Access Card, players will have to exfil with it. Then, on the next DMZ run, they will have the option to spawn inside the secret facility instead of the usual spots.

Building 21 Red and Blue Key Cards

Most of the good loot inside Building 21 will be locked, and players will need either red or blue key cards to open them. Unfortunately, these also drop randomly only in Al-Mazrah. Make sure to bring a few before spawning inside the facility.

Building 21 may still be worth looting even without these access cards. The NPCs that spawn inside are armed with top-tier weapons, and the small size of the map means PvP will be more common than in the big, open world.

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